Alison Rowland


Name: Alison Rowland

Discipline/s: Showjumping

Year started riding: About 1965

Year started competition: Around 1970

Saddle/s you ride in:

I only ride in Prestige, Michel Robert jumping saddles.

Favourite Product:

My saddles. They sit you in the correct position, they fit most horses and they are so comfortable.
Also the Tonic long boots. They are very sturdy and comfortable. Mine last more than 12 months with me working up to 10 horses a day.

A bit about your riding career:

I have won many Grand Prix’s and World Cup qualifiers in Australia. I’ve competed for Australia on Nations cup teams and won the Grand Prix at La Bossiere, France.

Most Memorable Moment:

I have had many memorable moments and this Grand Prix in France was a good one.

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