Olivia Ruiz


Name: Olivia Ruiz

Discipline/s: Eventing and Showjumping

Year started riding: 2010

Year started competition: 2012

Saddle/s you ride in:

Prestige Coko Event and Prestige X-Helen Dressage

Favourite Product:

My Prestige Coko jump saddle because it's light and the perfect fit for my horse and I.

A bit about your riding career:

I began riding when I was 6, which my parent thought was just a phase, only they were mistaken. Although I had very naughty ponies when I began riding, I persevered and I am glad I did, because now I am eventing at 80cm with my new horse Rudolph and last year I completed a 95cm ODE on my pony River. I have regular lesson to keep my horse (and I) in shape for eventing, which I am very grateful for, along with my Saddles Plus sponsorship which I am extremely grateful for as it has given me so many memories and opportunities. I am loving every phase of riding, and although I compete, I still love going to the beach with my horse Rudolph and taking him on trail rides.

Most Memorable Moment:

Winning my first 95cm event when I was 13 at Dryandra on my pony River.

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