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The Eggbutt Ultra Comfy Snaffle Bomber Bit follows the contours of the horse's tongue. Bombers snaffles are popular due to the shaped mouthpiece which distributes pressure evenly over tongue and bars while reducing the nutcracker action. The offset centre link avoids a usual pressure point on the tongue, making the Eggbutt Ultra Comfy Snaffle Bomber Bit a kinder, more effective bit than standard snaffles. The nutcracker action results in the horse lifting its head, therefore offers a solution for the horse that runs with its head down. The nutcracker action, pinches the bars and tongue, lifting its head. The offset centre link avoids a pressure point on the tongue. The ergonomic shape offers a generous curve following the shape of the horse’s mouth. The Eggbutt Snaffle Ultra Comfy Bomber Bit is FEI, BD, EA and USEF legal. This bit does NOT lock up, meaning it has full range of motion to fold.

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