The Flex-on Safe-On Safety Stirrups offer a stylish and unique safety stirrup, which has a flexible branch on the outside of the stirrup to help reduce the risk of injury by allowing your foot to release. The mixed ultra-grip of the tread is the perfect choice of riders. As a result, the new Safe-On Stirrups offers safety, style and comfort. The Safe-On Stirrups are made with the original green composite material with the added flexible outer branch. The structure is strong and durable, whilst being easy to clean and maintain. A flexible and retractable arm on the outer side helps to reduce the risk of injury. If you fall from your horse. The flexible outer branch breaks away to prevent your foot from being trapped in the stirrups. Easy to re-position. Simply screw the flexible branch arm back into place with the tool supplied. The elastomers positioned under the foot bed offer an amazing degree of comfort and shock absorption. The ultra-inclined treads enhance the natural ‘heel down’ position, providing increased stability and perfect positioning of the leg. The junior style of the safe on iron is availabe for riders up to 40kg.

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