This elegantly produced stirrup iron is machined from solid aluminium to ensure the utmost mechanical resistance and an optimum performance. Machining in this way avoids impairing the metal fibre, unlike with alternative types of processing. The branches are fastened to the tread with stainless steel screws and held tight with anaerobic-type sealant. The attachment to the stirrup leather is rotated at an angle to the branches of the stirrup iron. If the rider’s feet come adrift from the stirrup irons, this arrangement makes it easier to reconnect with them. The reason is that the stirrup iron does not hang parallel to the abdomen of the horse, but is turned outwards. The branches have been smoothened all over, both on the inside to let the rider disengage more easily if their feet remain in the stirrups following a fall, and on the outside to avoid cuts to the horse. The grip, taken from the motorcycling world, is patented and ensures that the rider’s feet secure maximum hold without any sacrifice in comfort. The first row of teeth is angled to ensure the fullest grip in all situations. The front of the tread is smooth. For this reason no damage can occur to the saddle when it is left with the stirrup irons still attached. The special design of the grip has been devised to dislodge any dirt that accumulates.

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