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The Air Flow Champion Tendon Boots from Schockemöhle Sports offer this and more! The innovative ventilation slits allow optimal air circulation on the horse's leg. Rear and side vents allow fresh air to enter from the outside,which then flows upwards around the tendons and finally escapes through the top vents. This circulation effectively dissipates heat to the outside. Time to say goodbye to heat build-up in this sensitive area! At the same time, anti-allergic bamboo lining directly on the horse's leg promotes blood circulation and ensures an even body temperature. Bamboo as well as the overlying mesh are also breathable. The anatomically shaped TPU shell as well as the integrated Impact EVA foam stabilise tendons and ligaments of the horse's leg and have an optimal shock-absorbing effect. The boots optimally protect the horse's leg from shocks and impacts. The double pin closure proves to be practical in use - these gaiters leave nothing to be desired, neither in terms of functionality nor design!

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