Breanna Possingham


Name: Breanna Possingham

Discipline/s: Showjumping

Year started riding: At the age of 4yrs

Year started competition: At the age of 11yrs


Saddle/s you ride in:

I ride Frost in the Prestige X-Meredith, Pyro in the Renaissance Jump and flatwork in the Prestige X-Helen dressage saddle.

Favourite Product:

My favourite product would definitely be all the Prestige products as well as the Renaissance saddle. I find the Prestige gear very soft and easy to clean and the saddles are super comfortable to ride in.

A bit about your riding career:

I started riding at a very young age but never started showjumping until I got my first proper showjump pony Jezzabeel. From there on I have continued my love for showjumping and progressed onto bigger horses throughout the years, my biggest horse now standing at 17.1h.

Most Memorable Moment:

My most memorable moment would have to be winning the under 21 final at Yalambi after having not a very good start to the weekend on Frost.

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