Born in 2004, KASK specialises in the development and production of safety helmets for a range of industries including cycling, skiing, mountaineering, safety & rescue and of course equestrian. Their mission is to establish a perfect balance between technological excellence, safety, functionality and appearance/design of their helmets. Produced entirely in Italy, KASK's perfectly ergonomic helmets were developed with the World's top athletes in mind.

KASK pours much of its focus into quality and safety. The helmets undergo many rigorous safety tests of KASK's distinctive CSD Project- ComfortSafetyDesign.

The Equestrian range of helmets have an inner shell made from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) which is a rigid and tough closed-cell foam that offers excellent shock absorption. A unique feature of this inner shell is its combination of three levels of densities to ensure total shock protection, lightness and comfort. The outer shell is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), an injection moulded and lightweight material known for its high impact resistance and toughness. Another main feature of the KASK helmets is the patented Fit System which creates a cradling effect around the back of the rider's head, allowing the helmet to sit correctly and comfortably. 

KASK Equestrian helmets are available in four different shell sizes and a Merino Wool padding is then inserted for that perfect fit.

  • Shell 0 - Inner padding 50-54cm
  • Shell 1 - Inner padding 55-56cm
  • Shell 2 - Inner padding 57-59cm
  • Shell 3 - Inner padding 60-63cm

Can't decide what style you prefer? Why not design your own using KASK's configurator found at the following link. Then simply email us your configuration at and we will get your dream helmet ordered for you.