Saddle Fitting Perth

So, you might be here because your horse is misbehaving, you don't feel balanced, you simply care for your horse and would like to learn more about the importance of Saddle Fitting, or you're in the hunt for a NEW saddle!

Well firstly let's just say, you might be in luck! Saddles Plus has over 40 years experience in Saddle Fitting & Saddle Designing and hold accreditation from an International Master Saddle Fitting Course in Germany. Whether your current saddle just needs fitting or you're in the market for a new saddle, we can help you! Feel free to have a browse through this page for some more info on Saddle Fitting, or if you have any questions feel free to contact our saddle fitter, Gary Johnson. His details are at the bottom of this page.


Please find the following sub-headings on this page:

  • The Importance of Saddle Fitting, including a demonstration Saddle Fitting video with Gary Johnson,
  • What range of saddles does Saddles Plus have available,
  • How much can you expect to pay for a Saddles Plus Expert Saddle Fit,
  • How to buy a new saddle with 6 months Interest free,
  • Those who want a Quality Saddle Fitting Service outside of Perth Metro?
  • How can you find out more information and how do I book with one of our Expert Saddle Fitters!

The Importance of Saddle Fitting

A correctly fitting saddle is extremely important to both horse and rider. Gary Johnson of Saddles Plus created this video to show you the main features of a correctly fitting saddle.

The gullet width, even contact with panels and balance of the saddle are the three main factors of a correctly fitting saddle. Majority of horses take a medium/wide to wide gullet width, however there are also horses out there that are narrower and also much wider. It is important to remember that different brands of saddles are measured differently and what may be a medium gullet in one brand of saddle may be a wide in a different brand. The biggest issue with incorrect gullet widths is when the saddle is too narrow for the horse, causing pressure points into the muscle and rib cage. This then makes lifting the back and engaging the hindquarter very difficult for the horse and subsequently will have trouble building up topline, and working well for the rider.

The balance of the saddle is also very important to make sure the rider is positioned right in the middle of the seat. The weakest part of the horse is right in between the front and hind legs. Therefore, if a saddle is sitting down in the back, the rider will be sitting to the back of the saddle and subsequently creating soreness to the horse’s back. Research has shown that as a rider, we ride at 1 ½ - 3 times our own body weight and block blood supply to the horse’s back by about 60-80%. A correctly balanced saddle increases stability and makes it easier for the rider to maintain balance and not flop around on the horse’s back. Flocked saddles are by far the best option for dressage saddles as this allows a tailored fitting to your horse. The world’s leading saddle manufacturer’s use this method as not only does it allow the panels to be adjusted, but also creates a panel that is firm enough to help with rider stability.

There are a variety of saddle pads on the market to help with a correctly balanced saddle and comfort the horse. However, there are also a lot of back pads that will not help the situation at all and may even create further issues. Sheepskin, memory foam and the new gel pads are all shock absorbing materials that will make your horse more comfortable when we ride them.

Saddles Plus offer a fantastic mobile saddle fitting service to keep horse and rider happy. Whether you would like the fit of your current saddle checked or you are looking for a new saddle, Gary from Saddles Plus can help. Gary's mobile van is fitted out with necessary tools and can generally adjust your saddle there and then. It also carries approximately 80 demonstration saddles and a range of saddle accessories. As Gary explains in the video, it is important to have about 3-4 rides in a saddle and get your coach to watch you ride in it before you decide. Saddles Plus offer the best saddle trialing service in Western Australia where you can borrow 1 or 2 saddles at a time for approximately 4 days to ensure you buy the right saddle for both you and your horse.

Obviously, our horses change shape from time to time so it is important to make sure your saddle is always fitting correctly. The wool flocking will also compress over a period and may need re-stuffing or balancing every 6-12 months depending on the number of rides per week you are having.


What range of saddles does Saddles Plus have available? 

No matter what your discipline, Saddles Plus will have a saddle that will suit your needs! Saddles Plus carry one of the largest range of Saddles in Australia, including the following saddle brands: Prestige, Renaissance, KN, Platinum, Vega, Amerigo, Letek and Tekna. Check out our range of top quality saddles in the saddle section of this website. We also stock a great variety of second hand saddles.

How much can you expect to pay for a Saddles Plus Expert Saddle Fit ?

Saddles Plus charge $100 for the saddle fit consultation. If the saddle needs adjustment (tree adjustment, wool stuffing or gullet adjustment) then there will be an additional charge of $75 per saddle that you have fitted. So a saddle consultation and adjustment for one saddle would be a total of $175 or the total for two saddles would be $250.

For anybody that chooses to purchase a new saddle, the saddle fitting and saddle adjustment service is complimentary!

How to buy a new saddle on a Ride as you Buy payment plan?

Buying a new saddle at Saddles Plus is now easier than ever with our 6 months Interest Free option. Simply apply through Skye Finance at 

We also offer an 8 week instore payment plan. This requires a 20% deposit and 4 x fortnightly payments.

Or give us a call or email to discuss further

Live outside of Perth Metro area? Still want an Expert Saddle Fit in Australia?

Saddles Plus is rapidly expanding throughout Australia to bring our Expert Saddle Fitting Service and knowledge straight to you.

Gary's current saddle fitting schedule looks like this:

Margaret River, Albany - Every 3 to 4 weeks

Geraldton - Every 8-10 weeks

Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Ceduna, Eyre Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, Every 6-10 months.

If you are specifically interested in the N.T. or S.A. trips, please contact us at for dates on Gary's next trip.

Gary has also trained a Saddle Fitter in South Australia, please contact Janeth from The Horse Depot on 0420 903 789. Janeth also has stock of demo saddles if you are looking for a new saddle.

For those living in Sydney, NSW, we highly recommend use of Tony Flynn at Brighton Saddlery for all Saddle Fitting Requirements. Gary and Tony have worked closely together over the past 40 years and have the same concepts when it comes to fitting saddles correctly!


How can I find out more information?

If you have any questions regarding saddle fitting, the types of saddles that Saddles Plus have available, or simply want to learn even more about Saddle Fitting, then please contact Gary Johnson with your queries. He will be more than happy to assist you!

Contact Gary Johnson:

Our saddle range is also available for trial through the following independent saddle fitters;

Danielle Butler - 0451 308 300

BT Saddle Fit - Brad Travers - 0412 534 351

Saddle Fitting by Elizabeth Moore - 0417 918 500