Prestige Italia was established in 1974 (named Appaloosa back then) where they focused on designing and manufacturing unique saddles to enhance the well-being of the horse and rider.

"We have a long history behind us but we still look to the future".

The company base their business on the following main values;

  • Harmony & Well-Being - Each saddle is designed to provide the greatest comfort for both horse & rider, aiming for that perfect harmony.
  • Innovation & Craftsmanship - A combination of deep innovation and craftsmanship is what made Prestige stand out from the very beginning.
  • Attention to Detail - All Prestige saddle leather is carefully and closely checked in aid to strive for that perfection. 


Technologies, Materials & Trees

By combining both traditional and modern technologies, Prestige truly are unique.

  • Leather - A traditional leather sourced from tannery districts in Veneto and Tuscany. Various options are available including Elite (naturally tanned in either printed or calfskin), Lux (a thick naturally tanned leather in either smooth or printed), Super (very grippy vegetable tanned leather of French origin), Calfskin (vegetable tanned and double oiled for maximum grip).
  • Panels - Flocked panels for a soft and adaptable saddle or Latex panels for a comfortable, high performance and low maintenance option.
  • Tree - A composite fibre tree that is lightweight, resistant to humidity, and  adjustable to fit different horse shapes and muscle tone. Every tree undergoes a stress test and thorough quality control to detect any faults and maintain the Prestige level of perfection. These factors are the reason Prestige offer a Lifetime Warranty on their trees and stirrup bars (except in the case of an accident). Different technologies applied to the Prestige saddle tree include CPS or Coccyx Protection System involving three membranes that provide shock absorption to the rider's ischial bones, coccyx & back, X-Technology which comprises of two membranes to aid in rider comfort and stability, X-Breath where a hole is created in the tree to improve breathability and comfort for both horse and rider, and LPF or Light Performance Fit panels which are lightweight and adjustable.

View a video about these technologies here 



Prestige saddles are covered by a 2 year warranty, with the tree and stirrup bars covered for lifetime. 

The warranty does not cover the damages caused by tear and wear, accidents, improper use, or the use of unsuitable products. Moreover the warranty shall be void in case the saddle parts, including the saddle tree and the stirrup bars, are tampered or altered.

Warning: new saddles and other leather goods may stain white clothes, especially during the first few uses.

It is advised that you clean and care for your Prestige saddle and Accessories on a regular basis using the Prestige Leather Care Products. This will reduce the chance of premature wear and maintain the leather's natural characteristics. See Prestige Care & Maintenance – Saddles Plus AU for more tips on how to care for your Prestige products. 

More information regarding the Prestige Warranty Terms can be found at  Warranty terms (