Where French saddlery tradition meets technological innovation.

The Renaissance brand of saddles and accessories combines the expertise from Prestige Italia with one of the most famous French saddlers. In turn, creating an elite product that is made in Italy but with a French twist when considering the shape and materials for the Renaissance saddles. 

The leather undergoes a natural tanning process which is a very slow technique used to maintain the colour and quality of the end product, while also improving environmental sustainability. The leather on the flaps and skirts of the saddles is about 4-4.5mm thick and is available to order in either calfskin or printed leather for jumping saddles, and only the calfskin option for dressage and eventing saddles. 

The renowned synthetic fibre Prestige tree is used which comes with a lifetime warranty (except for accidents). And the panels are available as either latex or flocked. 

There are also a range of accessories available with the same quality and refinement as your Renaissance saddle. Their lightness and superb fit means your horse will be given every opportunity to perform at its best. 

It is recommended that you clean and condition your Renaissance saddle and accessories using the Renaissance leather care products.