Think Safe. Think KEP.

Established in 2007, KEP has become a leading brand of riding helmets that combines design, technology, materials and safety to produce the innovative helmet of today. Every piece of a KEP helmet has been exclusively made in Italy, to represent the Italian excellence at its best.

Ensuring the maximum safety of riders is KEP's first priority. Materials used to produce the helmets are of the highest quality and the shell is designed to offer the rider maximum fit and protection. The following tests are performed to ensure the safety of these helmets; 

  • Sock absorption test - to check the resistance of the helmet in a case where it suffers a blow such as a fall or kick from a horse.
  • Penetration test - to check the shell will protect your head in the case of a blow from a sharp object.
  • Strap resistance test - to check the strap is strong enough to avoid it breaking or detaching from the helmet in the case of a fall.
  • Undermining test - to check the helmet will not fly off the head during a fall before impact with the ground.
  • Crushing test - checks the holding capacity in the case of lateral compression and crushing. 

You can watch these tests performed at the following link;

KEP helmets are made in two different shell sizes (medium and large) and then fitted with inner padding to find your correct size.

  • Medium shell - inner padding 51-58cm
  • Large shell - inner padding 59-62cm

The latest release from KEP is the Cromo 2.0 - "The future of safety". It can increase the efficiency of first aid procedures due to an integrated NFC device, stitched on the shell and linked to a KEP App where the customer can upload personal and health information. Internet connection is not required.

They are available in a huge range of colours and materials so why not design your own through the configurator (link below) and email through to us at for the price and to get your dream helmet on the way!