Prestige Italia use a high quality leather for all of their production and it requires continual care in order to maintain and preserve it as it should be. The intensity of care required will depend on the type of use, the climate, and the place in which the saddles and strapping are stored. 

The saddles and/or strapping should be cleaned after each use with the Prestige Leather Cleaner (apply with sponge) in order to keep the skin soft and avoid colour loss. The cleaner also assists in neutralising the corrosive action caused from horse sweat. 
They then suggest the additional use of the Prestige Leather Oil and/or the Prestige Leather Balsam at least once a month. 
The Prestige accessories/strapping products are not pre-oiled and therefore it is recommended that you oil these prior to using them. Apply the Prestige Leather Oil or Prestige Leather Balsam over the whole surface and simply massage it in so that no excess product remains on the leather. Let them sit for a 24 hour period to allow the skin to completely absorb the oil/balsam.
Prestige Italia suggests following the below guidelines when caring for their products;
  1. Store the saddle in a dry environment, away from heat sources and exposure to sunlight.

  2. Increase the use of balm and oil during the summer season, as the sun and high temperatures can dehydrate the leathers.

  3. In winter, the saddles and harnesses should be stored in a dry environment in order to avoid the formation of mold.

  4. Carefully dry the skin of your saddle if it has been in contact with water, clean it with Prestige Leather Balsam and store it in a dry environment.

  5. Do not exceed with the use of oil or balm on the evidence to prevent them from being ruined or dangerous breakage.

  6. Use Prestige anti-stretch leather brackets in order to avoid early wear of the neighborhoods.

  7. Avoid cleaning your saddle with products that contain solvents or glycerin-based soaps, as they damage the appearance and integrity of the saddle.

  8. Do not overlap your saddle on other saddles, as excessive pressure may damage the padding of the cushions.

  9. Do not place dirty harnesses on the saddle. Direct contact of dirt with the seat could dry out the skin early.

  10. Do not rub the reins on the front curb of the saddle this could cause early wear of the parts that compose it.