Your new Tonics boots or chaps are made from high quality materials and with the greatest care. However, through use they are often exposed to rain, horse sweat etc that will impact the lifespan of your boots. This is where caring for and cleaning you boots and chaps will help increase their longevity. 

Dirt and Stains 

External dirt such as horse sweat and manure etc has a negative impact on the leather and materials and should therefore be removed instantly. Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove the dirt and a small brush such as a toothbrush on the zippers. 

Moisture and Wetness

Boots and/or chaps can absorb fairly large amounts of moisture during use. Therefore it is recommended they are given a drying period of at least 12 hours or longer if required. The removable insole can be temporarily removed to allow for faster drying however under no circumstances should the boots or chaps be left near direct heat (heater, fire etc) as this will increase the risk of the leather cracking and becoming extra fragile. 

Final Step to Care                 

After cleaning and drying your boots or chaps, you should then treat them with a high-quality shoe polish such as the Tonics Magic Polish in black or brown depending on the colour of your boots. Classic saddle soaps and leather balms are generally not appropriate for the care of boots and chaps. The Tonics Magic Wax is a beeswax that can also be used for the care and impregnation of fine leathers whilst the Tonics Magic Shine is a shine sponge that cleans and polishes your boots and chaps, perfect for competition day.