Charlee Morton-Sharp


Name: Charlee Morton-Sharp

Discipline/s: Eventing & Showjumping

Year started riding: 2008

Year started competition: 2009 Lead Rein, 2014 off the lead Show Horse, 2017 Eventing

Saddle/s you ride in:

Platinum Junior Dressage, Riviera Dressage, Letek Jump

Favourite Product:

Prestige Martingale

A bit about your riding career:

I have done show horse most of my life, competing at Grand Nationals in 2015, 2016 & 2018 and Nationals in 2018. I started eventing in 2017 and never looked back, I am eventing 95cm on my horse Ringo and show jumping him 1.15m. I also have 2 younger thoroughbreds, Super & Halo who are coming along as my future high level eventers. Prior to my thoroughbreds I had a little riding pony named Star who I evented up to 80cm and showjumped up to 90cm. I took Star to 2018 Interschool Nationals in Werribee where we placed 3rd overall in the primary combined training. My main goal for 2021 is Equestrian In The Park.

Most Memorable Moment:

Placing 3rd in the combined training at the 2018 Interschool Nationals, my last ever event on Star placing 2nd or completing my first ever 1.15m showjumping round.

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