Colin Chantler

Name: Colin Chantler
Discipline/s: Dressage
Year started riding: 1980
Year started competition: 1983
Favourite Products/Why:
Prestige X-Optimax K D I really like the Monoflap and how close it puts you to your horse great feel and very comfortable sadddle
Schockmohle Bridles they fit the horses very well and look great.
Good thick leather reins (must have notches). Good reins are so important as this is how we communicate to our horses lips.
A bit about your riding career:
I started riding in Albany at the age of 12 during school holidays. At the age of 15 I brought a quarter horse from NSW and started competing in Western competitions from halter to Western pleasure, trail horse, working cow horse and then even a little cutting.
I decided to go eventing at the age of 24 and just did some low level events for a few years. I always did well at dressage. As work commitments increased I decided to concentrate my efforts on pure dressage. I managed to train my event horse (a thoroughbred mare) to advanced level and my current competition horse is at Intemediate A and B level
In 2010, I had a fairly bad crash on a horse and couldn't walk for about 4 months. I always helped a few people in my spare time. I took the positive out of a bad situation and started helping a few people around the local Oakford area. This really started my passion for teaching young riders. From there I have slowly built a very competitive team of riders who compete in both dressage and eventing. I see this as a good way to put something back into the sport and assist young riders to perform at the highest level possible.
Most Memorable Moment:
As a rider: Training Bonita to Grand Prix level.
As a coach: being awarded EWA Dressage coach of the year in 2018 & 2019 and EWA coach of the year in 2019

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