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The Instinct CPS saddle guarantees riders a wide, comfortable seat and a perfectly centred position thanks to its medium deep seat with CPS technology. The tree at the withers is wider and the tree points are set back slightly compared to other saddles, making it possible to saddle up in a more forward position, without hindering the shoulders. The thickness of the panels is contoured at the front to provide even more freedom of movement to the horse’s shoulder, making this saddle a great fit for horses with prominent shoulders. Moreover, the panels are particularly wide in both the front and back to ensure absolute comfort for the horse. At the front, the panels are designed to offer optimal flexibility from the very first ride. The seat rubber is double density, making it possible to ensure a soft, compact feel. The flap has been reinforced at the keeper to help it to stay in the correct position. The third billet has been left free to ensure optimal flexibility in terms of its positioning.

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